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Toronto’s newest health & beauty shop sells CBD-infused dog biscuits, tinctures and bath bombs

It’s been roughly 1 and a half years since weed was legalized for recreational use and about 3 months since edible cannabis products have become legal as well.

In this very short time, marijuana based edibles, extracts and topicals have arrived to store shelves nation wide and its only showing signs of exponential increase. To meet demand, Bodega Wellness, a Canada-based premium health and beauty shop is doubling down CBD-infused products and have just opened shop in Toronto.

Bodega’s mission is lead the beauty and wellness industry by taking a creative approach to all sorts of hand made all-natural products. This includes but not limited to:

  • Vegan & CBD-based tinctures, oils and lotions (scented and unscented)
  • Natural & Vegan house cleaning sprays and wipes
  • And even, CBD-based dog biscuits, treats and oils

So how do dogs benefit from CBD? Like all mammals, dogs have an endocannabinoid system, the system that impacts the dog’s mood, brain and overall body. A recent study have shown that CBD-based oils and topical solutions have drastically reduced inflammation, severity of seizures, anxiety and pain among dogs. This of course, elevated their mood and made dogs happier than usual, as expected!

Bodega first opened up shop in Hamilton and has very quickly expanded to Burlington and Toronto, their newest location. All three locations operate week-long and below are the addresses:

  • Toronto: 1300 Bay Street
  • Hamilton: 82 Locke Street South
  • Burlington: 390 Pearl Street, Unit B.

They are also super active on Instagram under the following handles: @bodegawellness & @lammwellness. They currently offer free world-wide shipping for any orders over $150!

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