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SecondCityTO is kicking off their new Winter schedule

SecondCity is one of Toronto’s premier comedy clubs and we recently caught one of their shows!

SecondCity is popular in Toronto, but we never had a chance to check it out; So when we found an opportunity to see their “Walking on bombshells” show, we had to take it back and write all about it. SecondCity is also about to kick off their Fall schedule of upcoming shows and we’ve listed them all below!

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and here we go:

SecondCity has been around since the early 1970’s and a number of comedy stars were born and bred in that building, who went on to star in SNL and other famous comedic acts, and “Walking on bombshells” proved just that.

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The show was unequivocally hilarious from start to finish, and the audience plays a huge part in crafting the comedy sketch. The comedy acts incorporate a number of themes that are heavily inspired by Toronto. There was also definitive build up from each sketch and how it impacts the trajectory of the next sketch, which was not apparent at the start.

Overall, the show was fantastic, and we totally recommend for visitors to stay for the late night improv show that kicks off right after!

Here’s their upcoming shows:

The Second City’s 83rd Revue on now!

The Second City’s 83rd Revue This is the most exciting time to see a show on our Mainstage. The cast is fresh, new material is worked into the show every night, and your laughter in the audience helps shape the final show!

Take Me Out to the IMPROV The best and brightest comedy bench strength comes together again to celebrate what The Second City is all about! This show features an all-star roster of our best archival home runs, as well showcases our pitch-perfect range of improv skills that never fail to wow a crowd. Don’t miss out on Second City’s onslaught of comedy fastballs!

Unconventional Holiday Revue The Second City’s Unconventional Holiday Revue delivers a heaping serving of seasonal satire that’s the perfect alternative to those same old holiday shows. Nothing’s too sacred for our squad of comedy stars in the making: holiday film classics, family gatherings, beloved Christmas carols, and even Rudolph gets a wicked holiday slant in this fast-paced, interactive comedy revue filled with style wit, and plenty of that famous Second City improv!

83rd Comedy Revue Come bask in the neon glow of nostalgia in The Second City’s brand new revue! If I Could #Throwback Time sends audiences through a virtual time machine, mining comedy gold from ancient treasures like old school video games! Power Rangers! And Canada’s long, complicated history of sweeping social injustices! Set to a soundtrack that’s sure to bring back some of your worst memories, The Second City’s latest takedown of life as we know it–and remember it–is full of lust, laughter, psychos, and “Sandstorm.” Take refuge from climate change inside our theatre, where time is a theoretical construct and improv is an actual superpower.

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